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A Great Massage


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Looking for a Massage Therapist that will consistently provide great results?

La Bella Belly has a passionate and experienced team of Licensed Massage Therapists specializing in prenatal, postpartum, and Swedish massages. With a gentle touch and a keen sense of intuition, the massage team at La Bella Belly creates a serene and relaxing environment. A place where clients can unwind, release tension, and alleviate common pregnancy-related discomforts.

We strive to empower expectant and new mothers to prioritize self-care and nurture their bodies as they constantly work to create a new life.

Prenancy Massage prenatal from La Bella Belly


Subscribe to the La Bella Bonus Plan and receive ANY 5o-minute massage for ONLY $70 per month as long as you are subscribed! ($85 value!) 

PLUS come in more than once a month and receive those massages $15 off as well!

Client will be charged $70 each month starting on the date they subscribe. This allows for one free massage per month as long as you are subscribed. If you miss a month, you can use a MAX of 2 free massages in the same month. No more than 50 minutes may be redeemed in a single calendar day. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time and your unused minutes roll-over to the next month. If you cancel your subscription, unused minutes must be redeemed within 45 days.  To read all the fine print, click here or read the agreement in the footer of the website.

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